49 years : 49 pictures is a visual diary of faces and places through the lens of time. The series is shot on film and spans 49+ years of work by Master Photographer Jan W. “Art” Faul.

Jan Faul wasn’t a professional photographer right out of the gate, but he had plenty of inspiration as his parents were artists and he watched and learned from them. After going to high school in Europe, he returned home to Washington DC and all the uncertainties of living in an American metropolis. He had gotten a camera for His 15th birthday and by the time Faul returned from school he had a hankering to photograph people and to experience life in a big city.

Washington had many happenings, including demonstrations against the war in Viet Nam, concerts, museum openings, and public events. He crammed in as many as he could, and once in a while he made portraits of important people. He went to New York and in the Fillmore East dressing room shot pictures of Paul Butterfield and friends. It did not lead to a fascination with rock and roll, as it was too confining.

In 1970, Faul became a professional photographer. His first assignment was to photograph American labor leaders. His work appeared in the following: Time, Washington Post, Parade, Family Circle, Appalachia, Opportunity, Smithsonian, Family Circle, Der Spiegel, Politiken, Graphis, plus National Geographic Books. He received grants from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, Polaroid, and private foundations. His images have won hundreds of awards.

Jan Faul mostly worked with people for 25 years, but then moved into panoramic landscapes. The two areas have been his greatest inspiration, and today he works almost exclusively with the hand of man on the land although he still makes an occasional portrait. Unlike many other photographers, he was not on staff at a university to teach and so spent all his time making photographs. He has about half a million accessible images in his film vault.

49 Years: 49 Pictures is a series of images from every year from 1964 to 2013. Some are portraits and some are landscapes but all chronicle the passage of time and the making of history.


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